Decades of war, civil war and genocide have left Cambodia as one of the poorest countries in the world. This has left many Cambodians on the brink of starvation and homelessness. People living in poverty in Cambodia are characterized by having a very low, or no income and a low consumption of food, clean water, services, and resources. The relatively high prevalence of HIV/Aids in Cambodia is an additional challenge to the current human development in Cambodia. Many people in rural Cambodia have little or no access to food, clean water, housing, education or health services.
These decades of conflict in Cambodia have left many scars, both socially and economically. Millions of land mines were planted throughout the countryside, where many of them still lie, hidden and unexplored. These mines are an enduring menace to eight out of ten Cambodians who live in rural areas, and they are a constant obstacle to agricultural development.

PAC FOUNDATION has a mission to provide services and education to alleviate poverty to these people. PAC FOUNDATION are involved in many projects such as schools and education, clean water wells, emergency disaster relief and management, housing, family crisis management, anti-human trafficking, agriculture and crop growing, micro-financing, child sponsorship and many other activities.
PAC FOUNDATION also provides access to life-changing education, nourishment, and healing to vulnerable children from destitute villages in the provinces. PAC FOUNDATION helps with health issues such as malaria, tuberculosis, pregnancy and childbirth and HIV/Aids. PAC FOUNDATION also provides health and hygiene education for children and their families. PAC FOUNDATION also extends its services to provide much-needed services for poor families and communities in crisis.
The growing population brings ever rising challenges to local communities. With more and more people having to share fewer resources and services. People have become insecure, excluded and vulnerable. Education is one of the greatest challenges facing Cambodia as most of the educated were killed by the Khmer Rouge regime. Very few people remained with any education and training skills. The key to breaking the poverty cycle is to educate the next generation of children. This is why one of PAC FOUNDATION’s main missions is to concentrate on bringing education and schools to children in communities in the provinces.
The growth of the population in Cambodia is quite rapid because of the lack of birth control which in itself provides more challenges. PAC FOUNDATION provides education about birth control methods and emphasises 
the importance of this issue. A country with a high population and meagre resources creates many challenges in its own right. This brings extra challenges financially to families to look after all of its members.
After all those years of conflict, Cambodia is now experiencing improved political stability, so now is the time for advancement and growth for this country. PAC FOUNDATION is endeavouring to do just this, but it can’t do it on its own. Your generous donations will greatly help PAC FOUNDATION in vastly improving the lives and welfare of the poor in Cambodia.