PAC FOUNDATION’s Vocational Training Centre (PAC FVTC) has volunteer programs in Siem Reap Province , Cambodia. When we choose a volunteer we carefully consider the needs of the local institution, students, and families, whilst taking into account the volunteer’s background, experience, and skills.  Volunteers are placed according to suitability, and where the most support is needed at the time. Volunteers are ultimately assigned to projects that will benefit both the volunteer and our organisation.


The Cambodia volunteer program begins on the first and third Monday of each month. Volunteers can choose to participate for durations of two weeks to six months.


Volunteers must be 18 years or older and have finished high school when starting the program. To communicate with the host families and people within your placement, volunteers should speak English fluently. Volunteers wishing to work on the Human Rights program should be 19 years or older and already have some experience in the field they wish to work in. This can either be university studies (a degree is not necessary) or relevant working experience. Volunteers on the computer support program should have advanced computer knowledge. All volunteers on the Cambodia program must take out adequate travel insurance for their trip. Background checks will be carried out on all volunteers to ensure the safety of our children in our schools.


The education level in Cambodia is still very low which is a direct factor contributing to large amounts of poverty and unemployment. English skills are required for many jobs in Cambodia, yet not everyone gets the opportunity to learn the language.  Many young Cambodians who are looking for jobs of a higher salary are often rejected because they speak very little or no English. This is mainly due to the fact that most parents simply cannot afford this type of education for their children. Many projects urgently need teachers who can help with specific skills like English. Sometimes other skills (e.g. IT, Mathematics or Art) are also required. Volunteers will teach in a whole class environment and also in small groups. They make find themselves working alone, but are usually found to be working alongside other teachers or volunteers. The longer you stay the more responsibilities you receive. The volunteer should invest some time each day on preparing lessons carefully.  A typical school year depends on the type of school. However, we work with a combination of schools and for most of the year, volunteers will be able to work in our schools without being affected by any long holidays. Please note that volunteers DO NOT need to be a qualified or an experienced teacher.


Now that the world relies on computer technology and the internet for communication, it is very important that our students learn about basic computing. There is often a lack of local expertise in this area and training opportunities are very limited and expensive. Computer support in our organization is urgently needed to implement, maintain and improve these systems to maximize the effectiveness of the organization and to educate the local staff and children. Volunteers can use their passion for technology to bridge the cultural gap and train our staff in computing and digital interfaces. Experience with Microsoft Office products, website development or basic Windows System Administration is strongly recommended. Knowledge of LAN and printer administration, web development or security software is also very useful in this environment. Some projects also require volunteers who can develop a website and train their staff in different web design programs.  Teachers who can teach classes in the basic tools of Excel, website design, Word, and access are sought after by us. Alongside these tasks, there may be the need to assist in report or proposal writing. The volunteer should have studied in a related field or must have knowledge in some of the above-mentioned areas at an above average level.

Other languages are accepted too, such as Japanese language, Korean Language so on …

Volunteer’s Scheme and standard:

Volunteer’s Cost donate to PAC Foundation

1-3 Weeks=75USD

2-4 Weeks=85USD

3-6 Weeks=110USD

3-4 Months=130USD

Download Volunteer Form (PDF)

Please be aware!

Whilst the vast majority of people involved in supporting the most vulnerable are genuine, there will always be a small minority who take advantage of people’s situations for their own benefit.
You can play a vital part in combating child abuse and other problems.
In addition to the steps taken by the projects themselves, as someone from outside the project, you have a parallel responsibility to be vigilant during your placement.  Don’t hesitate to report any wrong doings or suspicious behaviour relating to child maltreatment or abuse, or any other malpractice.
If you fail to get a satisfactory response from the management, report your concerns to PAC Foundation who can put you in touch with the relevant authorities. 
Problems can occur even in the best-run projects.