Vocational Skills Training


The aim of the Vocational Training Program is providing further educational opportunities to a small number of local young people, and so enhance their future prospects.
PAC provides vocational skills to disadvantaged young people in order for them to be able to generate an income and enhance employment opportunities.
These projects develop the livelihoods of rural families and enable them to support themselves through learning new skills and basic schooling.

The English Language provides students with practical skills in speaking, listening and writing in English. This is taught by our English Teacher volunteer English teacher from other countries.


The computer class offers practical skills in office management software packages and trains the student how to write articles, letters, reports, and budgets using Microsoft Office programs.

3-General Education
All students attending PAC’s vocational training courses must attend compulsory general education classes in the subjects listed below:
– Human Rights
– Domestic Violence Law
– Nutrition and Hygiene
– Gender
– Human Trafficking
– Drug
– Labor Code
The students are taught:
– Theory and practical skills of Office Management
– Office Equipment
– Filing management
– Administrative Writing
– Communication Skills
– Curriculum Vitae Writing.

4-Sewing program
The purpose of our sewing program is:
-Use a social enterprise model of community development to engage poor women in sustainable employment.
-Develop and secure an international market for sewn items produced by poor women in the community.
-Provide sustainable employment for poor women in the community.
-Provide a working environment and conditions that comply with international fair-trade and ethical standards.
-Engage all women employed in the sewing projects in the Savings for Change Scheme.
-Provide women employed in the sewing projects with access to micro-credit.

The widespread use of motors as opposed to cars in Cambodia means that teaching young men motorbike repair skills is invaluable.

Years of conflict in Cambodia have meant that wood is in short supply; thus welding knowledge gives graduates much sought after skills.
7. Agriculture
Teaching them to do as e-agriculture so this point we want volunteers who specialist to join with us to help them.