Sponsor a Child


For less than $1 U.S a day ($30 per month), you can support the education of a child in Cambodia and ensure their future.

Many children in poor economic circumstances are unable to obtain a quality education without support. For girls, this is most certainly the case as traditionally they are needed at home and they are usually the last members of the family to have an opportunity of attending school.

Your child sponsorship includes:

  • school fees
  • community support services provided by our in-country partners
  • A personal savings account accumulated and held in a trust which is made available for further education after completion of secondary school.
  • Depending upon family circumstances, siblings may also be sponsored.

The communities themselves nominate the children to be sponsored by the poorest families.

We have further developed the traditional sponsorship model through our local indigenous social workers visiting the homes and schools of the children to assess and check the information provided on each child by their community to ensure that the following criteria are met:

  • The child comes from poor economic circumstances
  • The child has a caring mother who values education and who will encourage their child in all aspects of schooling.
  • The child is willing to attend school regularly and is determined to try his or her best, both at home and at school, to achieve good results.

Each sponsor is linked to a specific child, for the purposes of letter-writing, photo exchange, receiving of school reports and the child’s savings bank balance statements.

Your sponsorship money will provide:

PAC FOUNDATION Cambodia (https://pac-foundation.org) selects candidates for sponsorship from the poorest in the community, following input from community leaders and local school Principals.  So that each sponsored child will potentially benefit from an education. The  Director of PAC FOUNDATION checks school reports and applies a simple culture-fair test.

Dr. Sambo Lim, Co-Founder of PAC Foundation

The monthly sponsorship money is divided into three components:

  1. English Language Classes – all children sponsored by PAC FOUNDATION attend Cambodian government schools either in the mornings 7AM-11AM, or in the afternoons 1PM-5PM (on rotation). In the vast majority of these schools there is either no English tuition or it is sub-standard. A sum of US$7-8 per month is given to the family for the payment of fees at a private after-school English Language College.
  2. To build the child’s education savings fund – US$15 per month is deposited into a special savings account for your child, which accumulates until the last day of the school year. This money is then used to provide the child with further education.
  3. Family Assistance – the balance of the monthly sponsorship money, after being converted into the locally-used US Dollar is then applied by PAC FOUNDATION, to the benefit of your sponsored child and their family. It takes the form of a cash grant to the mother for provision of school necessities such as books and uniforms or other priorities for the family as assessed by PAC FOUNDATION, on a case-by-case basis. Also, as the child progresses through Classes 1-6, and then 7- 9, students who aspire to do well academically in the Class 9 final exams, need to attend “private classes”. Their performance in this exam predicates the entrance to high school and further study into Classes 10-12.

Sponsorship ceases when the child reaches graduation from Class 9.  The potential for sponsorship for later years, for academically bright students is possible.

Annually, there will be opportunities for correspondence between the child and sponsor via PAC FOUNDATION acting as the essential intermediary for vetting correspondence between sponsor and child and child and sponsor – as necessary to conform to our Child Protection Policy. The sponsor will receive copies of the child’s school reports.

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