Siem Reap (Center I)


Education is officially free in Cambodia and available to all, though there are many costs, (both official and unofficial), and other barriers, that prevent children from attending. Children go to school for half a day, either mornings or afternoons, and a credible 80%+ of children enroll in primary school. Costs of school uniforms, books and other materials, the need to travel greater distances, and unofficial fees, mean that only 26% start lower secondary school and just 9% start upper secondary school; (these are the averages for both sexes – the situation is far worse in rural areas and for girls). Teachers’ salaries are only $30 to $50 per month and they cannot survive on this so are forced to charge unofficial attendance fees, or fees for extra tuition, or for examination results etc. Such fees are beyond the means of the poorest families, and as children get older they are needed to work at home, so the problem is doubly difficult.

Completion of the secondary school certificate, and increasingly, being able to speak, read, and write English, are important prerequisites for getting a decent job. Without basic literacy and numeric skills, it is difficult to get any job. A lack of education locks many people into a perpetual poverty cycle.

450 kids are learning at this center with quality of education with free of Charge

Activities of kids at center I

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