• To build schools where there are no schools.
  • To build a new school that replaces an existing building that is no longer useable.
  • To add additional classrooms to an existing school.
  • To build a middle school where middle schools are not available.

This program relies on close cooperation between PAC FOUNDATION Cambodia, the local communities, the Provincial Government and the National Government, via the Ministry of Education.  Preferences are given to rural areas that have an acute shortage of schools in the area.

PAC FOUNDATION Cambodia works on the system of building and equipping the school, sometimes with the inclusion of arranging of the teachers, and then passes on the daily running of the school to the government through the Ministry of Education.

Main steps in the program:

PAC FOUNDATION Cambodia liaises with Commune and District chiefs of the chosen village for the school. Included in these discussions are representatives from the Ministry of Education to talk about suitability and details of the school to be built.

Regularly a wealthy villager donates the land for a school.

On other occasions, a run-down school site will be used

The land is transferred to the national government and earmarked for a school.

PAC FOUNDATION Cambodia seeks to fund for the planned school.

Once funding is received, PAC FOUNDATION Cambodia arranges for local contractors to build the school along with local support from the villagers.

Upon completion, the school is gifted to the National Government for it to run and maintain.

What does PAC FOUNDATION Cambodia provide in its school PAC Foundation age?

  • School building
  • Furniture for students
  • Furniture for teachers
  • Blackboards
  • A well
  • Toilets
  • Metal flagpole

What does the government provide?

  • Teachers
  • Curriculum
  • Textbooks and resources
  • Maintenance

What does the community provide?

  • Land.
  • Labour to assist carrying materials to the building site and during construction.
  • Accommodation and other support for the teachers assigned to their school.

Number of children attending school

Depending on the needs and the funds available, schools either have 3, 6 or 12 classrooms. Often smaller schools are built with the expectation that they will be extended when further funds become available.

On average, there are 50 children in each classroom. Attendance is maximized by having a morning class of children followed by an afternoon class of different children.

Cost of schools:

3-room school:                 $28,000

6-room school:                $55,000

12-room school:               $95,000

School building

It is evident that there is a high need for more schools in Cambodia. PAC FOUNDATION Cambodia invites schools from all over the world to join us in building schools. The cost of a school building seems prohibitive but if we break the costs down to a cost per student basis in a donor school then it seems far more manageable. For example, if a 500 student school would like to build a six-room school then the cost would be only $110.00 per student and halves this for a 1000 student school.

We would encourage representatives of the donor school to come and see what they have done when the school is completed.

PAC FOUNDATION Cambodia is able to receive direct donations through a bank to bank transfer: please contact us for further information.

If you, or anyone you know would care to be partners in building a school; please make contact with us at PAC FOUNDATION through the website. Donations can be made directly to us through PAC FOUNDATION in Cambodia.