House Building


Volunteer with us to build a house for fewer fortune people at remote areas of rural in Cambodia.

Model poor houses at remote areas of rural that we are trying to help.

Volunteer with us to make a difference!

To build houses for homeless Cambodians

Most families participating in the Family Development Program are able to eventually save enough money to buy land and the materials to build a house. However, some very poor families cannot save the complete $1200.00 for a house; reasons include the head of the family being a widow, single mother or landmine victim, or the family lives in a very poor area. For such families, PAC Cambodia would like to invite international, volunteer building teams to Cambodia to supply the additional money and work under the direction of Khmer builders to construct simple houses.

The small at remote areas of rural

Some of the ongoing benefits to be gained by house building as opposed to just sending money are:

During the Pol Pot regime, Khmer people were made to feel they were of no value -some Khmers still feel they are worthless. When volunteers come from overseas it helps them start to believe in their own value.

Builders can combine fund-raising with the follow-up hands-on building project. This gives a sense of how their funds are directly targeted to those in need.

Participants return home inspired by their experience of actively making a difference in another family‚Äôs life and continue to participate in further PAC’s activities and fundraising.

Benefits of Volunteer House Building:

To provide an in-depth and meaningful experience for foreigners visiting Cambodia. The team members will experience not only the tourist attractions but will come to understand and befriend Cambodians – both the poorest and the middle class.

To educate volunteers about poverty and the issues involved it is an education in the causes of poverty, the results of poverty and the solutions to poverty.

To become partners with PAC Cambodia in our outreach team members, upon returning home, can become volunteer sales people as well as fundraisers for various projects.

To give Cambodians an opportunity to teach foreigners the skills of house building – rather than being taught by the foreigners – develops a deep sense of pride.

The families chosen represent the very poorest in their communities as well as being role models for their courage and faith in their own ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.