PAC Foundation donation types:

PAC Foundation is a registered non-profit NGO in Cambodia. It is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who have a passion for helping the poor. PAC Foundation is a highly transparent organisation that welcomes all of our valued supporters to come and see our projects and where their vital funds have gone. All donations are fully documented and receipted and are closely tracked to the needs that they were used for. There are different ways of donating to PAC Foundation. Please choose a type that suits you.

Type 1: A one off donation to support the general running of PAC Foundation and the needs at the time.

Type 2: A one off donation that is directly linked to a specific need or project. (eg Buying medical supplies or building a water well or school).

Type 3: A continuous monthly donation to support the general running of PAC and the needs at the time.

Bank address: ACLEDA Bank Plc., Head Office, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Swift code : ACLBKHPP
Bank username: Lim Sambo
Bank account : 0100-01321906-3-2

Tell: (855) 15 883 332