When you arrive in Cambodia it is immediately apparent that the people are struggling on many levels. Some are struggling to provide for their families, some are struggling just to survive. Everywhere there are opportunities to help. PAC FOUNDATION’s purpose is to seek out donors to create and support projects that reduce poverty and increase the health of poverty stricken Cambodians.

Part of PAC FOUNDATION’s mission is to build water wells in villages that have no access to clean water. This can only be done with outside donations. Once enough money is received, PAC FOUNDATION’s Director PAC FOUNDATION Foundation Som coordinates the installation of the well in a village that is in desperate need of clean water. Past experiences have illustrated quite clearly the rapid improvement of people’s health in a village that has received a well.

These “Clean Water Wells Project” are a non-political and non-religious endeavour established by PAC FOUNDATION. Clean, safe water is vital for people’s health and for the overall well-being of an entire village. No longer do people have to travel to rivers and ponds to gather dirty water. There is clean, safe water on tap right in the village for cooking and drinking. Lives change for the better very quickly on many levels due to a village well. PAC FOUNDATION’s Water Well Project on a cost per person basis is one of the most effective ways of changing people’s lives for the better. The cost of each good ranges, depending on the type of well, from $512.00 to 1200.00 (for a multi-purpose well) to $2,200 (for a deep-water well), including supplies, training, and oversight to ensure the village is maintaining the wells. Each well serves 5 to 50 families, depending on the type of well and the proximity of the families.

In the past, PAC FOUNDATION has received funding and contributions from many countries to build water wells. We would like to thank our kind contributors from the USA, Italy, Finland, Spain, France, Canada, Switzerland and the Netherlands.  Your money has changed many lives through these water wells. PAC FOUNDATION is very eager to continue this association with these and other countries in the future to further extend our Water Well Projects.

PAC FOUNDATION also helps with clean water education and support materials to the villages, so the wells stay clean and safe. Education is the key to keeping the water safe for consumption and also brings awareness to the villagers about keeping their new well clean and maintained. This keeps their water safe for many years to come. Education and support are also provided to help with the irrigation of vegetable gardens and crops during the dry season.

The quality of life in the village is forever changed through these projects. You can sponsor a well or water project, or a portion of one if you wish. Please help PAC FOUNDATION Cambodia with our “Clean Water Wells Projects”. Contributors will be given the opportunity to visit the well that their generous donation has provided, and see its life changing effects first hand.